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I will build a faith

November 27, 2007

I will advocate a religion. Someday I will preach it, and I am sure there will be lots of takers. Some of the dictates will be as follows.

– My religion will have God/Gods, however, who or how I shall think of when the time comes as per public likes/dislikes. Chances are that it could be me 🙂 Anyways, Gods will never be the same always. They will change with each each season.

– Truth, of course, will be preferred. However, when unavoidable white lies are allowed.

– You will be forced to think. There will be weekly gatherings where you will have to reach by solving a clue game before the religion will be propounded to you.

– You will be forced to participate in weekly gatherings that consist of PJs (phaltu jokes). All followers of this faith must bring along at least 5 such jokes and should be good listeners of the same.

– Mailing, chatting and exchange of interesting articles on a weekly basis will be a must, discussions on some of them will be mandatory on the weekly gatherings.

– Working will be permissible for not more than 3 days a week. Holidays will be decided later, they are the days which shall constitute discussions on the forums (refer #3 above)

– There will be a festival every month lasting for at least 5 days where everyone is supposed to do one activity they enjoy/ need to do. It may include eating out, singing, boozing, sleeping, learning something, or even lazing at home and reading book(s). The festival shall not on any count coincide with the designated weekly holidays.

– Music will be the standard medium of prayer. An hour is a compulsory daily dose for meditation; more is preferred. Type of music depends upon individual taste. Takes you closer to the Lord(s). Rock or Classical music, of course, will be preferred.

– Everyone will have complimentary access to a library (physical and web-based) by virtue of being a believer of this religion.

The basic dictate of the religion will be –

Happy living through peaceful oblivion (also practicing a certain colourful 3 letter word).

– Reduction of ill vibes between people through reduction in bitching (except of course where unavoidable, and not more than once in a conversation.)

– Doing, instead of cribbing – yeah it’s a pain, but in this religion there has to be some work after all! One needs to work on one’s cribs.


What religion is your car?

June 4, 2006

Husband: Honey, what about Black?
Wife: Nope. Denotes darkness, sadness, generates negative vibes.
Husband: the Red one?
Wife: Naah….Too bright….
Husband: hmm….hey, White looks good to me.
Wife: Very common. Our neighbours also drive a white one.
Husband: Green???
Wife: Sheeh….that’s a Muslim Colour.

The above conversation between a Hindu couple at a car showroom is based on a true-life story. Makes me think…..Religion, for some people, is in their bloods, in their mind, influences their thoughts, preferences, minutest wishes, whims and fancies. For many it also forms the basis of the most significant decisions of their lives like that of choosing a life partner.

A religion by definition is a superstition. A religion is the belief in a supernatural being or beings. A superstition is the belief in magic or phenomena beyond or outside of nature. A religious belief then is a superstitious belief.

What could possibly be more detrimental to a child than telling him/her over and over from the time he/she is an infant that there exists an invisible being who is disinclined to prove he exists but who is watching him/her every second and reading his/her thoughts. If he/she doesn’t believe in the invisible being he/she will be tortured for eternity? Yet we tell that same child that monsters/devils don’t exist so it’s silly to be scared of them. Here’s another bit of conversation based on a true-life story:

Dad: So, you want to be a doctor? Huh?
Daughter: Yes, dad.
Dad: hmm…..You must pray to God to give you the strength to be able to achieve your goals.
Daughter: But I am working hard for it. Isn’t that enough?
Dad: Oh, no no… must never say that again. Its only the almighty who’s given us all that we have. You must go to the temple regularly.
Daughter: But, dad…..
Dad: No more ‘Ifs’ and ‘Buts.’ Do as I say. Or you’ll never be a Doctor.

Some Observations:
The more dismal and desperate a person’s life, the more likely they are to believe in a God. Characteristically, people with otherwise empty lives, are the strongest believers. It gives them the false hope that there is a higher meaning to their gloomy and pitiable lives. The strongest of believers would admittedly be suicidal without religion and/or a God in their lives providing a mental safety regulator.
Religions seem to usually require God/Gods, Prophets/ Pundits/ Asetics/ Clergys. God is usually very powerful and influential. Not too powerful because then it might mess up convenient conceptions like free will. Too much God power makes bad things, wrong doings, and undesirable happenings hard to explain. The optimum amount of supremacy of God can be unclear, fuzzy and erratic but usually sanctions granting of certain perks, like an after life. This provides a useful motivational tool. God apparently talks through Prophets/Asetics. Prophets are like schizophrenics but since most lived before psychiatrists invented schizophrenia they were believed to be really talking to God.

Do you think your car, your husband, your pyjamas, his pyjamas, doodhwala, window panes at home, books, computer, crockery, dupattas, your bathroom slippers all need to be ‘your’ religion? Or do you think(just like I do) that religion is mental illness has nothing to do with the afore mentioned choices? By the way, is there a cure??

(The above is entirely the author’s stance on this sensitive matter. Read and question what is written above. Blind faith is for people who cannot think for themselves.)