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On my way to town the other day…

July 31, 2007

I saw…

– a decapitated but very healthy buffalo heavy into rigor mortis.
– a sign for a public telephone which had lost its ‘L’ leading it to become a pubic telephone.(One wonders which end to talk into.)
-a sign by a local cobbler shop which said “foot were”…(were what? not feet before?)
-a graffiti on the wall which said hum sab ek hain (agar saath thoke to- if we all boink together…(me thinks dastardly engineering students did this)
-a small child peering very raptly at a goat which came and ate up her mother’s offerings at a roadside temple.
-one of the staff in a bank dig deep into his nose for boogers and wipe them on the curtains when he thought no one was looking.

So little time so much to see. I wonder how much money full-time observers make these days?

(ps: ‘town’ in Mumbai means VT-the main city part)