The Poet’s Song

The rain had fallen, the poet arose,
He passed by the town & out of the street,
A light wind blew from the gates of the Sun,
And waves of shadow went over the Wheat,
And he sat him down in a lonely place,
Chanted a melody loud & sweet,
That made the wild swan pause in her cloud,
And the Lark drop down at his feet,
The Swallow stop as he hunted the fly,
The snake slip under a spray,
The wild Hawk stood with the Swan on his beak,
And stared with his foot on the prey,
Whilst the Nightingale thought –
“I have sung many songs,
But never one so gay,
For he sings of what the world would be,
When the years have died away.”

— Tennyson

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5 Comments on “The Poet’s Song”

  1. Admin Says:

    ummm.. who’s the poet??

  2. Tennyson, I believe. Wat say, Anthony???

  3. @anthony & DJ – No idea, honestly…just came across it on the net, liked it very much and posted…the source on that site though said – Anonymouscheers!!

  4. Pleiades Says:

    Yeah… That’s a nice Tennyson alright… He uses beautiful language…Another favourite Tennyson of mine is Now sleeps the crimson petal, now the white… Lovely.. 🙂Oh and thanks a lot for your comment on my blog. You’re very kind. My poems are pretty personal, kinda plain if you ask me… More for the sake of expression than anything else.. 🙂 But am glad you liked them. Thanks. 🙂

  5. @pleiades & DJ – Oooh!! is that Tennyson? How could I not know? I will smack my butt for this one…Tennyson favourites of mine are LITERARY SQUABBLES & MIDNIGHT….’Tis midnight o’er the dim mere’s lonely bosom,…great one.cheers!!

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